Transport infrastructure

Development of new materials for the construction of more sustainable infrastructures.

Characterization and valorization of the different materials.

Realization of Tests of the different Materials, specialized in Bituminous Mixtures.

Conservation and Structural Rehabilitation of Infrastructures.


Cetemet has a laboratory specialized in Road Infrastructures with highly qualified personnel. This makes possible the realization of projects of Sustainable Infrastructures based on Industrial residues, as well as of Conservation and Rehabilitation

The lines of work that are developed in this laboratory are:

Tests on characterization of aggregates.
Soil Testing.
Tests on Bituminous Binders.
Test on Bituminous Mixtures.
Tests on Concrete.
Test of Composite Materials.
Development of new materials
Physical-chemical characterization of the Materials.
Revaluation and Study of Industrial Waste.
Conservation and Structural Rehabilitation of Infrastructures.
The equipment provided in this section are:

Arena Equivalent
Casagrande Spoon
Machine of “Los Angeles”
Portable eyewear probe
Proctor Normal and Modified
Sieve Series
Marshall Compactor
200 kN press
Thermal baths
Binder extracting centrifuge
Visbolometer of Saybolt
Recovery of soluble bitumen: Rotating Evaporator
Wet Abrasion for Bituminous Grouts
Bitumens Torsion Apparatus
Ring and Ball

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